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Margarita pizza (Pizza sauce, cheese, tomatoes)..
from 135.00сом
Italiano Chicken Pizza (Pizza sauce, chicken, olives, sweet corn, cheese, onions, bell pepper)..
from 135.00сом
Chicken B.B.Q. ( Pizza Pizza sauce, chicken B.B.Q, mushrooms, onion, cheese, bell pepper)..
from 135.00сом
Meat Lover’s Pizza (Pizza sauce, beef, chicken B.B.Q, salami, onion, cheese, mushrooms, bell pepper)..
from 160.00сом
Pepperoni Pizza (Pizza sauce, pepperoni (salami), cheese)..
from 135.00сом
Mexican Beef Pizza (Pizza sauce, beef, mushrooms, cheese, onion, bell pepper)..
from 190.00сом
Cheese Lover’s Pizza (Pizza sauce, extra cheese)..
from 135.00сом
4 Cheese Pizza (Pizza sauce, 4 type of cheese)..
from 150.00сом
Polo veggie Pizza (Pizza sause, vegetables, olives, mushrooms, cheese)..
from 135.00сом
Cheesy Bites Pizza (Pizza sauce, beef, chicken or salami, mushrooms, olives, cheese)..
from 615.00сом
Cheese Ring Pizza Pizza sauce, beef, chicken or salami, mushrooms, olives, cheese)Large pizza..
from 140.00сом
Hawaiian pizza (Pizza sauce, Salami, pineapple, jalapeno,  cheese)..
from 160.00сом
Mac pizza 4 in 1 (Pizza sauce, 4 kinds of cheese, vegetables)..
from 325.00сом
Hot-dog pizza (Cheese, hot-dog, pepperoni)..
from 700.00сом
Pizza with anchovies (Pizza sauce, anchovies, onion, green pepper, cheese)..
from 160.00сом
Mac Chicken Alfredo Pizza (Chicken, spinach, broccoli, cheese, Alfredo sauce)..
from 150.00сом
Make it your own Pizza
Make it your own Pizza..
from 135.00сом
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